Potli makes Harden’s Top Five Indian restaurants in London

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We’re thrilled Potli’s black daal has been listed as one of the top five Indian dishes in London by Harden’s Guide!
Although we knew it all along (!) we’re bursting with pride at this amazing achievement and delighted to be getting this kind of recognition, putting us up there with the likes of Dishoom, Gymkhana, Hoppers and Gunpowder – we reckon you’ll agree that’s quite some line up!
Our daal Makhani was their top menu tip – Cooked for 24 hours we create a wonderful depth of flavour and balance of spice that really rocks. You’ll never taste a better daal!
But don’t take it from us, this is what Harden’s wrote:
“Better than Indian Zing!” (nearby). This “exceptional and stylish” Hammersmith venue (“crowded and filled with artefacts from India”) offers cooking that’s “a great deal more accomplished than the street food it bills itself as”– “everything excites the palate, from the cocktail blending basil, cardamom and limoncello with gin, to the last scraping of the gloriously decadent mango shrikhand”.
Click here to read the full list of Harden’s Top 5 favourite Indian dishes in London or come in & try it for yourself!
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